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f. Replace damaged diaphragm blades (20). 4-31. 135mm Focusing Mount

(Fig. 47)

If components of the differential cam assembly (8) or helical focusing assembly (14) are damaged, replace the entire assembly.

NOTE: Helical focusing assemblies are in different focal-length groups. When replacing an assembly, it must be matched with the focal length of the lens.

a. Replace damaged bayonet ring (3).

b. Replace damaged tripod bushing plate (5).

c. Replace damaged stop (11).

d. Replace damaged depth-of-field ring (13).

4-32. 135mm Viewing Unit

(Fig. 48)

If the main housing or optical components, except (15), are damaged, replace the entire viewing assembly.

a. Replace missing cover screws (1).

b. Replace missing screws (2) and (3).

c. Replace damaged cover plate (4).

d. Replace broken spring (8). .

e. Replace damaged optical element (15).

f. Replace missing mounting indicator (20).

4-33. Collimating 135mm Viewing Unit

(Fig. 48)

The focusing mount and rangefinder coupling bar must be in proper adjustment before collimating the viewing unit.

a. Mount the lens on an adjustable support and attach ground glass housing 42-630.01-Z1A6NY with magnifier 16,486.

b. Mount target 42-630.01-Z1A7 on axis of lens at a distance of approximately 5-feet, and focu the lens.

c. Adjust the lens support to align the target. The lines on the target must parallel the edges of the camera film aperture.

d. Remove the ground glass housing and magnifier from the lens and attach a camera housing to the lens.

e. View the target through the camera viewfinder. If it is not parallel with the edges of the brightline frame, proceed as follows:

(1) Snug in 3 adjusting screws C42-37.01-U60T1NY.

(2) Remove 2 cover screws (1).

(3) Loosen 2 screws (6).

(4) Turn the 3 adjusting screws, alternately, until the target is parallel with the bright-line frame.

(5) Tighten screws (6) and replace cover screws (1).

(6) Remove the 3 adjusting screws C42-37.01-U60T1NY.

f. Mount the camera and lens on a sturdy support and view an object at infinity. Set the lens focusing scale at infinity. The rangefinder images should coincide both vertically and horizontally. If they do not, proceed as follows:

(1) Loosen 4 screws (2) and 3 screws (3).

(2) Turn 2 adjusting screws (13), alternately, until the rangefinder images coincide vertically and horizontally.

(3) Tighten screws (2) and (3).

(4) Fill the adjusting holes with wax M .


4-34. General

Repair of the flash unit, in most cases, is confined to the replacement of defective components. Mechanical damage is self-evident, and if the component can be straightened without effecting its operation, it need not be replaced.

4-35. Repair of Reflector

(Fig. 49)

a. Replace missing or damaged screws or ring nut.

b. Replace damaged reflector segments.

c. Replace damaged or bent segment cleats.

4-36. Repair of Bayonet-Base Lamp Adapter and Lamp Socket

(Fig. 50)

a. Bayonet-Base Lamp Adapter. Replace damaged components, or entire adapter assembly if badly damaged.

b. Medium Screw-Base Lamp Socket.

(1) Replace entire socket assembly if badly damaged.

(2) Replace weak or broken contact spring in contact spring assembly (10).

(3) Replace damaged insulator disc of contact spring assembly (10).

(4) Replace damaged lamp socket (12).

4-37. Repair of Battery-Capacitor Insert

(Fig. 51)

a. Replace entire insert if badly damaged.

b. Replace upper plate assembly (4) if plate or contact is damaged.

c. Replace damaged B-C housing (5).

d. Replace defective resistor (15).

e. Replace defective capacitor (18).

f. Replace damaged components of lower plate assembly (8), (9), (10), (11), (12) and (13). 4-38. Repair of Flash Unit Housing

(Fig. 52)

a. Straighten or replace damaged reflector mounting bracket (3).

b. Replace damaged pressure spring (4).

c. Replace damaged battery housing (6).

d. Replace defective rectifier (9).

e. Replace damaged contact spring (10) and contact clips (13) and (15).

f. Replace damaged mounting foot (18).

g. Replace damaged bottom block (19).