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5-1. General

Before reassembling the camera body, all components should be thoroughly inspected for damage or excessive wear. Parts should be cleaned and lubricated where required. Parts should not be forced and care should be taken not to misplace small washers, or other parts, while reassembling. Adjustments and alignments should be concurrent with assembly.

5-2. Reassembly of Shutter Curtain Assembly

(Fig. 38)

a. Insert spring roller shaft assembly (16) in ribbon spring roller (17) and secure by tightening with tool 42-253.01-246NY

NOTE: A small drop of Duco cement should be placed on the female threads of the spring roller.

b. Install washer (15) and 2 C clips (14) on spring roller assembly shaft (16).

c. Install washer (13) and tensioning stud (12), with left hand thread, on spring roller assembly shaft (16).

d. Insert spring roller shaft assembly (10) in spring roller (11) and secure by tightening with tool 42-253.01-246NY. (See note, par. a, above.)

e. Install 2 ribbon guide rollers (9), 2 washers (8) and 2 C clips (7) on spring roller assembly shaft (10).

f. Install tensioning stud (6). with left hand thread, on spring roller assembly shaft (10).

g. Reglue first shutter curtain (19) on first curtain spring roller (11).

h. Reglue first shutter ribbons (19) on main ribbon rollers.

i. Reglue second curtain ribbons (18) on ribbon spring roller (17).

j. Install second shutter curtain (18) on main roller (5) and secure with holding bar (2) and 2 screws (1).

5-3. Installation of Shutter Curtain Assembly

(Fig. 36)

a. Insert curtain assembly (9) in inner housing (21) and seat main shutter roller assembly shaft C in bearing (6).

b. Insert first and second curtain spring roller shafts B into its bearings.

c. Insert spring roller tensioning studs A in the borings for the adjusting bearings (4) and secure the bearings to inner housing (21) with tool 42-253.01-U257W3.

5-4. Reassembly and Installation of Brake Assembly

(Fig. 36, 37)

a. Install friction washer (17), fig. 37, lower actuating plate (16), brake disc (15). friction washer (14) and (13), upper actuating plate (12) and spring washer (11) on shaft A of bearing plate (19). Secure with screw (10).

b. Place brake shoe (3) with spring (2) on shaft B of bearing plate (19) and insert C clip (:

c. Place spacer (9) on bushing (8) and secure in bearing plate (19) with tool 42-253.01-320W2.

d. Place washer (7) and spring washer (6) on shaft (5), insert assembly in bushing (8) and secure with eccentric nut (4) using tool 42-582.01-273W3.

e. Insert assembled brake assembly (3), fig. 36, into inner housing (21) and secure with screws (1) and (2).

5-5. Reassembly and Installation of Sprocket Wheel Assembly

(Fig. 35)

a. Place washer (36) on shaft (35).

b. Partially insert shaft (35) through the opening on the bottom of the inner housing and in its lower bearing. Place sprocket wheel (39) on shaft (35) from the rear of the inner housing, and push the shaft through its upper bearing (47).

c. Secure sprocket wheel with screw (34).

d. Place washer (48) and gear (33) on shaft (35) and secure gear with screw (32).

e. Place stop disc (31) and stop arm (30) on shaft (35). Secure with left hand threaded retaining nut (29) using tool 42-253.01-31W3.

f. Place curved bracket (38) around sprocket wheel (39) and secure to inner housing with 2 screws (37).

5-6. Reassembly of Intermediate Gear Assembly

Л 35)dt (44) lk l (43) i (42) d h(41) hft (46) , rt

Place intermediate gear (44), locking lever (43), spring (42) and washer (41) on shaft (46). Insert

C clip (40).

5-7. Reassembly and Installation of Take-Up Spool Assembly

(Fig. 35)

a. Place washer (6) on shaft of gear (5).

b. Insert gear (5) through bearing (17), place washer (4) on shaft of gear (5) and insert C clip (3).

c. Fit release disc (14) into gear (5) and secure with holding shaft (13) using tools 42-782.001-161WNY and 42-782.001-162W1.

d. Place bushing (11) inside take-up spool (12) and on holding shaft (13).

e. Place washer (8) inside bushing (11) and place bushing (11) on holding shaft (13).

f. Place spring (10) in bushing (11) and on holding shaft (13). Secure with screw (7).

g. Place spring (9) inside take-up spool (12) with tool 042-782.001-001ZW2. 5-8. Installation of Shutter Release Components

(Fig. 31, 35. 36).

a. Place flat spring (20), fig. 35. on bottom side of inner housing. Secure with short screw (19) and long screw (18).

NOTE: Long screw (18) is placed at front of inner housing.

b. Partially insert intermediate gear shaft (24) into its boring and place arresting lever A (27) with spring (28) on shaft.

c. Place washer (26) and intermediate gear (25) on intermediate gear shaft (24) and push shaft in all the way. Secure with 2 screws (23).

d. Rest long free end of spring (28) against insulating cap (13), fig. 36. of adjusting eccentric (12

e. Insert release rod (2), fig. 35, in its borings and rest lower end on flat spring (20).

f. Insert release shaft (1) through its boring and place slotted end of release shaft on shoulder of release rod (2).

g. Insert arresting lever B (34). fig. 31, in inner housing and rest lower end on adjusting screw (22). fig. 35. of flat spring (20).

h. Install spring (33), fig. 31. and secure with holding plate (32) and screw (31).

5-9. Installation of Components Disjoined from Shutter Bearing Plate Assembly

(Fig. 31)

a. Place washer (21) and spacer sleeve (22) on lower shaft of adjusting lever assembly (20).

b. Place washer (17) on upper shaft of adjusting lever assembly. NOTE: Washer is placed on top of C clip (18).

c. Place adjusting lever assembly in countersunk boring,