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d. Place shaft (45) with spring (44) on double stop lever (43) in its boring.

e. Place stop lever (26). washer (26), spacer ring (24) and spring (23) on shaft (45). 5-10. Installation of Shutter Bearing Plate Assembly

(Fig. 31)

a. Align all mating parts with shutter bearing plate assembly (8) and place bearing plate in position. Secure with 2 screws (13).

b. Insert sleeve (12) between bearing plate and inner housing. Rest free ends of springs (23) and (44) against opposite sides of sleeve (12).

c. Insert long screw (11) through bearing plate (8) and sleeve (12). Tighten screw.

d. Lift shaft (45) and insert C clip (10).

e. Solder ground wire (9) to bearing plate (8).

5-11. Installation of Slow Speed Escapement

(Fig. 31)

a. Place slow speed escapement (16) in position on top of inner housing.

b. Partially insert threaded shaft (14) in bearing plate (8) and place spring (15) on shaft. Secure threaded shaft in bearing plate. Allow 0.1 mm of axial play,for the escapement.

c. Place free ends of spring (15) in position. (On bearing plate and rivet of escapement). 5-12. Reassembly and Installation of Drive Shaft Assembly

(Fig. 31. 34)

a. Place ratchet gear (15),. fig. 34, on drive shaft bearing and insert drive shaft (14) in bearing.

b. Place washer (13), carrier disc (12), spring (11), carrier sleeve (10), spring (9) , washer (S). ratchet plate (7), drive shaft gear (6), and washer (5) on drive shaft (14). Secure with C clip (4). Position spring (11) in boring of sleeve (10) and on bar of bearing plate.

c. Place spring (1) on screw (3) and fasten screw in bearing plate (16).

d. Insert pawl (2) and position spring (1).

e. Install drive shaft assembly (41), fig. 31, on inner housing; at the same time aligning pawl with eccentric of take-up spool assembly gear.

f. Secure drive shaft assembly to inner housing with 3 screws (42).

5-13. Reassembly and Installation of Rewind Assembly

(Fig. 31)

a. Insert rewind fork (7) in inner housing and secure to gear (6) using tools 42-253.01-79W4 and 42-253.01-80W8.

b. Place washer (4) on rewind shaft (5) and insert in bearing assembly (3).

c. Place assembly (3) on inner housing and place sleeve (2) over assembly (3). Secure with 2 screws (1).

5-14. Reassembly and Installation of Synchronizing Circuit Components

(Fig. 30)

a. Electronic Flash Circuit (Fig. 30).

(1) Place long contact spring (3) and insulating plates (4) and (2) on brake bearing assembly. Secure with 2 screws (1).

(2) Position lower insulating plate (10), short contact spring (9), insulating shield (8), upper insulating plate (7) and metal plate (6) in inner housing. Secure with 2 screws (5).

(3) Position metal tube (15) with wires (11) and (16) in its borings.

(4) Install guide spring (14). Secure with screw (13) and nut (12) using tool 42-253.01-338W2

(5) Solder wire (16) to long contact spring (3) and terminal (25).

(6) Solder wire (11) to guide spring (14) and grounding plate (24).

(7) Place grounding plate (24) and terminal frame (18) on shutter bearing assembly plate. Secure with screw (17).

b. Flash Bulb Circuit (fig. 30).

(1) Place spring (27) and synchro adjusting lever (28) on shoulder of screw (26). Place short end of spring in synchro adjusting lever and mount on bearing plate. Tighten screw (26). Place free end of spring in slot on bearing plate.

(2) Place insulating plate (23), contact spring (21) and insulating plate (20) on inner housing. Secure with 2 screws (19).

(3) Solder wire (22) to contact spring (21) and terminal (29).

(4) Place grounding plate (24) and terminal frame (18) on shutter assembly bearing plate. Secure with screw (17).

NOTE: This paragraph does not apply if the disassembly procedure described in paragraph a(7) above was carried out.

5-15. Reassembly and Installation of Delayed Action Release Clockwork

(Fig. 28, 29)

a. Install spring (1) on spring carrier (3) and stud (23), fig. 29.

b. Place clockwork mechanism (10) in inner housing and secure with 2 screws (9), fig. 28. 5-16. Installation of Main Light Shield

(Fig. 28)

Place main light shield (8) in inner housing and secure with screw (6) and screw (7). 5-17. Installing Lens Mounting Flange on Outer Housing

(Fig. 39)

a. Place spring ring (25) inside housing and secure with 4 screws (24).

b. Place lens mounting flange (23) on housing and secure with 4 screws (22).

c. Place lens lock (16) on housing and secure with screw (15). 5-18. Installing Inner Housing in Outer Housing

(Fig. 28)

a. Fully tension spring of delayed action release clockwork (10).

b. Place inner housing (14) in outer housing (11).

CAUTION: So not unhook the spring from the frame selector sliding bars which is located on the inside front of the outer housing. Make certain the frame selector sliding bars pass through the milled opening on the lower edge of the inner housing. Do not use force.

NOTE: Move the delayed action release lever through a small arc to engage its coupling key with winding disc of the clockwork.

c. Secure inner housing to outer housing with screw (5) and 4 screws (4).

d. Position frame selector lever (13) and tighten screw (12) with tool 42-253.01-667W5.

e. Place reverse lever (3) on camshaft and secure with screw (2). 5-19. Reassembly and Installation of Range-Viewfinder Assembly

(Fig. 25, 26, 27)

a. Reassembly (fig. 25, 26, 27).

(1) Place metal mask (7) and glass plate mount (4) with glass plate (6) on mask carrier (8) fig. 27.

(2) Replace screw (2) with spring (3) and position free end of spring.

(3) Replace spring (1) and position.

(4) Place bright-line frame assembly in housing of range-viewfinder and secure with 2 screws (1), fig. 26.