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c. Slide inner ring (16) on lens tube (21) and secure with circle clip (15). Replace ball (11) and flat spring (12).

d. Slide diaphragm adjusting ring (10) onto lens tube (21). Secure with 3 set screws (9).

e. Replace lens hood liners (6) and (8) in lens hood tubes (5) and (7).

f. Slide outer lens hood tube (7) over inner lens hood tube (5). Secure with stop ring (4).

g. Slide assembled lens hood over lens mount (14) and secure with retaining ring (3).

h. Replace filter retaining ring (2).


5-34. Reassembly of Reflector

(Fig. 49)

a. Insert segment cleat (5) into slot of lower reflector segment (8) and into slot of adjacent reflector segment (7). Continue in this manner until all segments, except (6), have been hooked to each other.

b. Place upper reflector segment (6) on top of previously hooked segments and insert the free end of the last segment cleat.

c. Mount the assembled reflector segments on shoulder screw (1) and secure to reflector handle with ring nut (2) using tool 42-471-117W3NY.

d. Secure lower reflector segment (8) to reflector handle (4) with screw (3).

5-35. Reassembly of Bayonet-Base Lamp Adapter

(Fig. 50)

a. Position intermediate sleeve (6) on socket inner sleeve (9) and align the slots.

b. Install release spring (5) on intermediate sleeve (6), and slide socket shell (3) on assembly just far enough to hold release spring (5) in position.

c. Install ejector button (4) in socket shell (3) and push the shell against the shoulder of inner sleeve (9).

d. Align the mounting holes and secure with three screws (2).

5-38. Reassembly of Medium-Base Lamp Socket

(Fig. 50)

a. Insert contact spring through hole in the insulator disc of contact spring assembly (10).

b. Install the upper contact cap, of contact spring assembly (10), on the contact spring using tool 42-471-U48W1NY.

c. Press contact spring assembly (10), and retaining ring (11) into lamp socket (12) with tool 42-471-U39W2NY.

5-37. Reassembly of Battery-Capacitor Insert

(Fig. 51)

a. Install contact spring (11) on lower inside plate (10).

b. Install soldering lug (13) with screw (8).

c. Assemble lower plates (10) and (12) with 4 assembly rods (7) and screws (6).

d. Solder one end of resistor (15) to. soldering lug (13), and the other end to contact spring (11).

e. Solder negative lead of capacitor (18) to lug (13).

f. Slide the lower plate assembly, with attached components, into B-C housing (5).

g. Solder positive lead of capacitor (18) to soldering lug (18) of upper plate assembly (4).

h. Mount upper plate assembly (4) on assembly rods (7) with 4 screws (1).

i. Replace round nuts (3) and (9) using tool 42-471-296W4NY. 5-38. Reassembly of Flash Unit Housing

(Fig. 52)

a. Secure mounting foot (18) to bottom block (19) with 3 screws (17).

b. Install narrow contact clip (15) in bottom block (19).

c. Install wide contact clip (13) with contact strip (14) in bottom block (19).

d. Position insulating strip (12) over contact clips (13) and (15), and secure with screw (11).

e. Install contact spring (10), with contact wire (16), and solder wire to narrow contact clip (15).

f. Install rectifier (9). contact plate (8), and secure with screw (7).

g. Install bottom block (19) in battery housing (6), and secure with 3 screws (5).

h. Insert screw (1) in upper hole of reflector mounting bracket (3), and place pressure spring (4) (closed side up) over screw.

i. Position retaining plate (2) inside housing (6) with flat side next to housing wall. Mount bracket (3), pressure spring (4) and plate (2) to housing with 1 screw (1). Position the assembly to align the lower mounting holes, and secure to housing (6) with the second screw (1).


1. 42-253.01-571W1

2. 42-253.01-36W4

3. 42-582.01-27W1

4. 42-253.01-494W4

5. 42-253.01-80W8

6. 42-253.01-498W2

7. 42-253.01-486W1

8. 42-253.01-483W8

9. 42-253.01-804W2

10. 42-253.01-114W1

11. 42-253.01-637W5

12. 42-253.01-338W2

13. 42-253.01-79W4

14. 042-782.001-001ZW2

15. 42-782.001-162W1

16. 42-782.001-161WNY

17. 42-253.01-31W3

18. 42-582.01-273W3

19. 42-253.01-320W2

20. 42-253.01-U257W3

21. 42-253.01-246NY

22. 42-253.01-Z1A92

23. 42-253.01-Z1L74

24. 42-253.01-Z1A22

25. 42-216-Z1W42

26. 42-253.01-Z1A95

27. 42-253.01-Z1W100

28. 42-253.01-U281W3

29. 42-253.01-Z1W111




Hinged back

Screw ring and eye lens

Top plate (unslotted screw)

Rewind screw

Rewind fork

Top plate, retaining ring

Synchro cover rings

Synchro bushings

Cover light shield

Rangefinder (center screw)

Frame selector screw

Nut, holding guide spring

Rewind gear (and tool #5)

Take-up spool spring

Take-up holding shaft

Release disc . Sprocket wheel shaft retaining nut

Brake eccentric nut

Bushing (brake)

Tension bearing

Tension spring rollers

Depth gauge for second curtain

Release gauge

Weight gauge (flat spring)

Spring tension gauge (tension rollers)

Speed pattern

Drum (shutter testing)

Key for arresting lever B eccentric

Electronic shutter tester

A -1