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30. 42-253.01-Z1W41

31. 42-253.04

32. 103.25.18

33. 42-531-Z1W13

34. 42-253.01-Z1W109

35. 42-253.01-Z1A96

36. 42-253.01-U443W5

37. 42-253.01-U443W6

38. 42-253.01-Z1A97

39. 42-253.01-76W2

40. 42-253.01-Z1A89

41. 42-253.01 -Z1A59

42. 042-782.001-001-Z1W1

43. 42-253.01-597W2

44. 42-253.01-Z1A76/42-582.01-Z1W4

45. 42-253.01-535W15

46. 42-582.03-Z1W1

47. 42-582.01-Z1A10

48. 42-253.01-703W2

49. 42-582.03-Z1W6

50. 42-253.01-700W2

51. 42-253.01-630W6

52. 42-582.03-62W2

53. 42-253.01-Z1A107

54. 42-253.01-Z1W84

55. 42-253.01-Z1W7

56. 42-655.01-Z1W7 and 42-655.01-Z1W22

57. 3.719.004.01/5W1NY


Back door with mirror Connecting cord Test lead

Conductivity test-instrument

Synchro test-instrument

Synchro pattern plate

Bending tool for synchro arm

Bending tool for synchro arm nose

Electronic flash pattern

Key for electronic flash eccentric

Sprocket wheel gauge

Torsion gauge for compensation friction

Take-up spool

Delayed action retaining screw (key)

(Set) Zero setting gauge (flange ring)

(Set) Lathe jig (flange ring) Eyepiece

Distance setting gauge Angle screwdriver (roller arm) Screwdriver (Range-viewfinder height adjustment) Bending tool (roller arm) Screwdriver for eccentric cam A (roller arm) Key for guide rivet (parallax) Frame setting gauge Release locking pin (Set) For Range-viewfinder adjustment

Exposure Meter

Calibration and

Test-instrument (exposure meter) Key for retaining screw (1)



58. 42-672.01-3-1W1NY

59. 42-37.01-U60W3NY

60. C42-37.01-U60T6

61. 42-630.01-Z1A6NY and


62. 42-630.01-Z1A7

63. C42-37.01-U60T1NY

64. 42-471-117W3NY

65. 42-471-296W4NY

66. 42-471-U48W1NY

67. 42-471-U39W2NY

Tweezers Flat pliers Round pliers Plastic syringe Vise

Tool and Lubrication stand Set of screwdrivers Tap and Die set (metric) Micrometer (metric) Caliper (metric)


For 35mm lens Spanner for retaining ring For 135mm lens

Ground glass housing with magnifier (for image sharpness)


Knurled screws (for 135 viewing unit)

Flash Unit

Ring nut Round nut

Contact spring assembly Contact spring assembly

General Tools

Protection boxes Torch

Center punch Diagonal cutter Hammer (plastic or woodi) Hammer (steel) Acto knife Lupe Files

Soldering iron


The following publications contain information applicable to the operation, maintenance and repair of Camera Set, Still Picture KS-15(4).

TM 11-6720-244-12 Operator and Organizational Maintenance: -

Camera Set, Still Picture KS-15(4)

TM 11-6625-203-12 Operator and Organizational Maintenance:

Multimeter AN/URM-105, including Multimeter ME-77/U

DA Pam 310-4 Index of Technical Manuals, Technical Bulletins, Supply Manuals (Types

7, 8 and 9), Supply Bulletins and Lubrication Orders

TM 11-401 Elements of Signal Photography

TM 38-750

Army Equipment Record Procedures