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45. There are two mechanical inhibits. When the counter reaches its blank setting, S1 is

prevented from closing. This is the same as the empty pack lockout feature on Pronto! cameras.

46. Finally, when the camera is in the folded position, S10 is mechanically locked open by a tab on the flash housing. This prevents the flash from being charged.


Tools needed

Dump Probe P/N 11604 Universal Flex Remover Tool P/N 12601 Strobe Housing Removal Tool P/N 12633-2 Viewfinder Panel Remover P/N 12552-3 Contact Removal Tool P/N 12536

3/32 diam. dowel pin (for Shutter Blade reassy) Exacto knife with No. 11 blade Soldering aid ( greenstick ) P/N 94168 Finger cots or lintless cotton gloves Needlenose pliers Tweezers and dental pick

Disassembly Note

No screws or threaded fasteners are used in the 636 Camera: most housings and piece parts of sub-assemblies are held in position by detents, spring catches or tangs which engage bosses or cutouts in corresponding mating parts. Careful spring apart techniques will free most parts of the 636.

Flex connecting tabs are held in their solderless contacts by internal spring contact pressure. Safe, easy removal of the flex is done by inserting the appropriate size leg of Universal Tool 12601 into the connector. This releases the grip of the internal contacts and allows the flex to be pulled out together with the removal tool.

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Close Up Lens Reassembly 45

Body Disassembly 46

Body Reassembly 48

Shutter Disassembly 49

Shutter Reassembly 55

Drive Disassembly 61

Drive Reassembly 66

Door/Spread Sys. Disassembly 71

Reassembly completion 72

Note: Reassembly instructions are listed in the contents above, only if they include specific, detailed steps (in contrast to simply replacing parts removed).

Strobe Disassembly