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1. Remove Strobe Cover using removal tool 12633. Insert tool in hole on right side underside of Housing and tilt bottom of tool to the right (CCW) to release molded catch inside cover (A in Fig. 1). Repeat process on left side, tilting bottom of tool to

the left. Lift off Cover.

Fig. 1 Removing Strobe Cover

2. Discharge Strobe Capacitor by holding Dump Probe 11604 on Capacitor terminals for 5 - 10 seconds (Fig. 2).

CAUTION: SHOCK HAZARD! Dump capacitor BEFORE proceeding with disassembly, to avoid painful shock from charged capacitor.

Fig. 2 Discharging Strobe Capacitor with Dump Probe

3. With Strobe tilted downward at a 45-degree angle, remove Lower Housing

Assembly using a soldering aid tool (greenstick). Carefully spring out sides as shown in Fig. 3 (Flex remains connected to Lower Housing).

Fig. 3 Removing Lower Housing

4. Remove two Flex leads from PC Board by inserting appropriate-size fingers of Universal Flex Tool 12601 into Board connectors and pulling Flex out (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 Removing Flex from Lower Housing

5. Remove Flashtube Assembly from the Lower Housing by gently pushing in along

top edge of Flash Shield (Fig. 5). Remove Insulator, and unsnap catches on ends of Flash Shield to remove it from Flashtube Assembly.

Fig. 5 Removing Flashtube Assembly, Flash Shield and Insulator

6. If it is necessary to remove the Flashtube itself, unsolder the three leads from the Capacitor, PC Board and Trigger Coil (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6 Removing Flashtube by unsoldering wire leads