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Remove the PC Board by lifting it straight up off the molded post on the Lower Housing (Fig. 7), being careful not to lose the small S10 Plunger from the base of the Lower Housing. Set Plunger aside.

Fig. 7 Removing PC Board & Flashtube Assembly & Plunger

Strobe Reassembly

Replace the parts removed in the preceding Steps 1 - 7, in this order:

Flash Shield

Plunger in hole in Lower Housing

PC Board onto two posts in Lower Housing


Flashtube Assembly into Lower Housing Insert the Lower Housing pivots into the openings in the Apron. Reconnect the Flex to the PC Board.

Replace the Cover by inserting the tab and snapping the Cover into place on the Lower Housing.

Apron Disassembly

8. Open the Film Door to remove the Apron. Insert a soldering aid, first at position A and then B (Fig. 8), to free the Body detent lugs from the Apron. Carefully lever the Apron out of the Body. Repeat the process on the opposite side. The S1 Button and S10 Button with Return Spring will fall out.

Fig. 8 Removing the Apron from the Camera Body

9. Disassemble the Apron using a soldering aid. First, remove the Panel containing the Close Up Lens and Trim Button Assemblies. Release the tabs at A and B (Fig. 9) which hold the Panel to the Apron, then tilt out the top and lift it out, freeing lip along the bottom edge.

(If it is necessary to remove the adhesive Lens Panel Decal from the Panel, gently work a greenstick under a corner of the Decal and peel it off.)

Fig. 9 Removing the Panel (Front Plate) from the Apron