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10. Disassemble the Close Up Lens, wearing finger cots or lintless gloves. First, remove the Spring with tweezers (Fig. 10).

Next, slide the Shuttle to the left and lift its left end to remove.

Now slide the Close Up Lens to the right and with a green-stick under the right end, carefully lift the Lens until the top edge clears the detent on the Panel.

Remove the Trim Button and Retainer by lifting each end of the Retainer away from molded pin on the back of Panel (Fig. 10).

Fig. 10 Disassembling Close Up Lens & Trim Button

Reassembling the Close Up Lens & Trim Button

11. Wearing finger cots or lintless gloves to keep the Lens elements free of smudges, first engage the foot at the bottom right corner of the Lens with the Panel (see Fig. 11). Then slide the Lens to the left slightly and gently press down until it engages in its guides. The Lens should slide back and forth freely.

Fig. 11 Reassembling the Close Up Lens

12. Replace Shuttle by first sliding Lens to the left (Fig. 12). Do not replace Return

Spring yet. Now slip the right end of the Shuttle under the guide on the Panel. Slide the Shuttle to the right into place. (The tab on the top of the Lens must be between the tabs on the Shuttle.) Replace Lens Return Spring; check that Lens operates smoothly.

Fig. 12 Replacing the Shuttle in the Close Up Lens

Body Disassembly