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13. To remove the Cone, insert a flat blade screwdriver at the locations shown in Fig. 13, springing out the sides of the Body slightly. This frees the Cone from the catches inside the Body. Lever the Cone forward, out of the Camera Body. The freed Release Button will drop out.

Fig. 13 Removing the Cone from the Camera Body

14. Remove the piece parts from the Camera Body, beginning with the Strap Assembly. From inside the Body, depress and release the tangs at the center of the Strap Assembly (Fig. 14). From the outside, free the ends of the Strap Assembly from the Body and remove it.

Fig. 14 Removing the Strap Assembly

15. Remove the Pack Spring by depressing it with your thumb and pulling it forward, out of the Body (Fig. 15). (If the Camera has a Tripod Nut, it will now fall out.)

Fig. 15 Removing Pack Spring and if present, Tripod Nut

16. To Remove the Eyecup/Retainer (one unit), from inside the Body depress either pair of the four tabs shown in Fig. 16 and remove the Eyecup/Retainer.

Fig. 16 Removing the Eye Cup/Retainer

Body Reassembly

Replace parts removed in Steps 14 - 16. (Pack Spring holds Tripod Nut in place.)

Shutter Disassembly