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Mount the Cone on a universal swivel fixture.

18. Remove Viewfinder Housing by tilting rear end upward (Fig. 17) and rotating it forward (note position of the tab at its left front).

Fig. 17 Removing Viewfinder Housing

19. With tweezers, remove Opening Blade Spring from rack and Base Block (Fig. 18), first noting which notch on the rack its attached to and marking that notch to assure correct reassembly later.

20. Remove Trim Slide by depressing the tang along its lower edge (Fig. 18).

Fig. 18 Removing Opening Blade Spring & Trim Slide

21. Remove Ambient Calibration Disk by depressing tang at bottom (Fig. 19).

22. Remove IR Calibration Wedge, IR Lens Filter and Ambient Lens (Photopic) Filter from the Lens Mounting Plate (Fig. 19).

Fig. 19 Removing Ambient Calibration Disk, IR Calibration Wedge, IR Lens Filter &

Ambient Lens Filter

23. Remove Lens Mounting Plate by releasing the three tangs along the bottom edge, which fastens it to the Shutter Base Block (see Fig. 20).

Fig. 20 Removing Lens Mounting Plate from Base Block

24. Remove Inertia and Walking Beam as an assembly, keeping Inertia Spring in place

(Fig. 21).

25. Wearing finger cots or lintless gloves, remove Shutter Latch and Shutter Blades (keep blades in the same relative positions and order in which they were removed). See Fig. 21.

Fig. 21 Removing Inertia, Walking Beam, Shutter Latch and Shutter Blades

26. Disassemble Inertia and Walking Beam by removing Inertia Spring and lifting off

Inertia (Fig. 22). To aid in later reassembly, note the trapped position of each leg of Spring before removing it.

Fig. 22 Disassembling Inertia from Walking Beam