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Using Universal Flex Removal Tool, remove Flex from Contact Support Block and Motor (Fig. 23). Now lift Wire Block Assembly off the Cone and remove the Flex from the Wire Block (Fig. 23).

Fig. 23 Removing Flex from Contact Support Block, Motor and Wire Block

28. Remove the Base Block from the Cone by releasing the two locking tangs near

Motor and Counter Wheel (see Fig. 24), swinging bottom edge of Base Block out and lifting it off the two shoulders at the top of the Cone.

Fig. 24 Removing Base Block from Cone

29. With Flex Removal Tool, disconnect Flex from the Solenoid connector (Fig. 25), then lift Flex up and out from under the connector block. With point of soldering aid, carefully free the Photocell (attached to the Flex) from its mounting on the Base Block (see Fig. 25).

Fig. 25 Removing Flex from the Base Block

30. Using a soldering aid, remove the Solenoid from the Base Block by releasing the two tangs (see Fig. 26) Carefully pry out the Solenoid, with plunger in place, using the soldering aid as a lever.

Fig. 26 Removing Solenoid & Plunger from Base Block

Shutter Reassembly

31. Replace the Solenoid with its Plunger in place into the Base Block. The notch and guide pin on the Plunger yoke must face the rear of the Base Block (see Fig. 27), so that the yoke pin rides freely in the Base Block slot.

Fig. 27 Replacing Solenoid with plunger in Base Block

32. Replace the Flex on the Base Block by first slipping the attached photocell up under its retaining fingers on the Base Block (see Fig. 28). Now bow the Flex slightly, slip it under the Solenoid connector and down into position around the lens opening and guide pin. Fold the Flex leg up and reconnect it to the Solenoid.

Fig. 28 Replacing the Flex on the Base Block