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33. Remount the Base Block on the Cone by positioning the two openings at the top of the Base Block over the corresponding projections on the Cone (see Fig. 29), then rotating the Base Block down into position until the locking tangs near the Counter Wheel and Motor snap shut.

Fig. 29 Remounting Base Block on Cone

34. Reconnect the Flex to the Contact Support Block, Motor and Wire Block Assembly (see Fig. 30).

Fig. 30 Reconnecting Flex to Contact Support Block, Motor and Wire Block Assembly

35. Reassemble the Shutter blades by inserting a dowel pin 3/32 x 3/4 (2.4 x 19 mm) in the hole in the Base Block shown in Fig. 31. Wearing finger cots or lintless gloves, install the bottom, middle and top Shutter Blades over the 3/32 dowel pin, and with the molded pin on Base Block projecting up through the slot in Blades (Fig. 31). ----

Fig. 31 Replacing the Shutter Blades

36. Mate the Inertia and Walking Beam together and install the Inertia Spring as shown in Fig. 32. Check that both parts pivot smoothly and are returned by spring action.

Fig. 32 Reassembling Inertia, Walking Beam & Spring

37. Replace the Inertia and Walking Beam Assembly by engaging the four pins in the

Blades, Solenoid Plunger Yoke and Base Block pivot point (see Fig. 33). Carefully remove the dowel pin and test Shutter Blade operation by moving the Walking Beam Assembly to produce an aperture.

Fig. 33 Replacing Walking Beam/Inertia Assembly

38. Pivot the Inertia slightly to the right and slip the Shutter Latch down onto the pivot beneath the Inertia (Fig. 34). It must mate with the S5 Actuator.

Fig. 34 Replacing the Shutter Latch