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39. Replace the Lens Mounting Plate by placing the two tabs at the top into their

corresponding openings in the Base Block (Fig. 35). Tilt the Plate down- ward into position, making sure the Inertia pivot post enters its hole in the Base Block. Snap the three locking tangs closed at the bottom of the Plate.

Fig. 35 Replacing the Lens Mounting Plate

40. Replace the Trim Slide in the Lens Mounting Plate by depressing the tang below it and sliding it into place (see Fig. 36).

Fig. 36 Replacing Trim Slide

41. Replace the photometrics in this order, as shown in Fig. 37: Ambient Lens Filter (green), Infrared Lens Filter, IR Calibration Wedge over the pivot on the IR Filter Lens, and the Ambient Calibration Disk with the stops on the bottom.

Fig. 37 Replacing photometrics on Lens Mounting Plate

42. Replace Opening Blade Spring with one end at the original (marked) rack position, the other end on the Walking Beam pin (Fig. 38). Test that the Shutter latches and unlatches properly.

Fig. 38 Replacing Opening Blade Spring

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