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43. If necessary, remove the S1 Leaf Spring from the Gear Drive Cover by pulling it forward slightly and then lifting it up (see Fig. 39).

44. Disconnect the red jumper wire from the S10 movable contact by depressing the spring finger to release it (Fig. 39). Move the wire out of the way.

45. If necessary, remove the S10 movable contact.

46. Disconnect the bare (+) battery contact wire from the Contact Support Block and the S10 fixed contact by depressing the contact spring fingers. Free the wire from the Drive Cover and move it away.

47. If necessary to remove the S10 fixed contact, release the tangs holding the contact by inserting the pins on Tool 12536 into the two holes shown in Fig. 39. The contact can then be pushed out with a screwdriver.

Fig. 39 Disconnecting wires and removing parts from the Gear Drive Cover

48. Release the tension on the Counter and Pawl Springs (see insets A and B, Fig. 40).

49. Release the Drive Cover forward detent (inset C), the hanger detent (inset D) and the rear detent (inset E).

NOTE: In step 49, the metal gear (#5) may become dislodged. Be careful that it is not lost.

Fig. 40 Releasing springs and Gear Drive Cover detents

Refer to Fig. 41: place your thumb over the left end of the Gear Drive. Slowly and carefully lift the right end of the Cover. Remove the Cover by walking the left end free of its detent. Use care to not break the detent.

Fig. 42 Parts removal from Gear Drive