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52. Remove the Counter and Counter Spring by pulling the Counter off its shaft (Fig. 43).

Remove the four remaining Gears and the Spacer from their shafts (Fig. 43).

Release the back end of the Pick Return Spring and slide the Pick forward. Lift both parts free of the Cone Assembly (Fig. 43)


(Sears Spocer

Fig. 43 Removing the Counter, Gears & Pick

53. Push the Slider in as shown in Fig. 44 inset. Push in detent and the Contact Support Block will pop out. Let it hang from the Flex, if Flex has not already been removed.

Pull the S1 Slider and S5 Actuator free of the Cone (Fig. 44). Disassemble Slider components.


Fig. 44 Removing S1 Slider and S5 Actuator

Drive Reassembly

54. Install the S5 Actuator on the Slider. Hold them together while installing them on the Cone.

55. Install the Slider Assembly over the pivot on the housing (Fig. 45). Be sure the tip of the S5 Actuator is over the Shutter Latch (see Fig. 45).

Fig. 45 Replacing Actuator and Slider Assembly

56. Push the Slider back and position the Contact Support Block onto the housing (see Fig. 46). Before snapping detents closed, be sure that the lower S1 contact is positioned between the Slider fingers. Snap detents closed and release Slider.

Verify that Slider moves freely and Slider fingers and switch contacts are properly

Fig. 46 Verifying Slider-Switch contact relationship

Using Fig. 47 as a guide, replace the four plastic gears, metal gear #5 and the spacer.

Fig. 48 Replacing Door Pawl and Spring