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59. Set the Counter Spring into the Counter (Fig. 49), wind the Spring, push in the Slider and place the Counter on its shaft. Temporarily hook the Spring onto the lower detent. (Note that the number 6 is upside down and facing forward.)

Release the Slider: the Counter should lock into place and the number 7 drop so it is facing forward (upside down).


Fig. 49 Replacing the Counter

60. Install the Pack Pawl in the position shown in Fig. 48.

61. Install the Pick, with Return Spring attached, as shown in Fig. 50. Attach Spring to housing and be sure Pick slides freely.





Fig. 50 Replacing Pick and Return Spring

Install the Timing Gear on its shaft (Fig. 51). It may be installed in any position as long as none of its cams interfere with the motion of the Pick. (The camera will time itself in its first cycle.)

Fig. 51 Replacing the Timing Gear

63. Replace the Gear Drive Cover (see Fig. 41), carefully maneuvering it into place to prevent breaking the rear (left end) detent. Snap-in the forward detent first, then the hanger detent, finally the rear detent.

64. Using a dental pick, set the Counter Spring and Pawl Spring as shown in Fig. 52.

Fig. 52 Setting Counter and Pawl Springs

Replace any Contacts and parts removed from the Gear Drive Cover in steps 43 -47. Reconnect the (+) battery wire to the S10 fixed contact and the Contact Support Block, and the red jumper wire to the S10 movable contact (see Fig. 53).

Bare wire

Fig. 53 Reconnecting wiring to contacts