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Door and Spread System Disassembly

66. Remove the Door Assembly by disengaging the hinge on the right side (opposite gears), then the hinge on the left side.

67. Remove the Spread System Assembly by inserting an Exacto knife with a #11 blade just below the lower leg of the spring, on the left (non-gear) side (see Fig. 54). Keep the blade flat, in the same plane as the rollers, with the dull edge against the end plate. The tip of the blade should be halfway between the front and rear legs of the spring.

68. Swing the knife handle to the right a little so the tip of the blade pushes to the left, against the inside of the end plate (Fig. 54). This will unlock the hidden detent in the left end plate from its channel in the door, allowing the left end of the Spread System to be pulled out slightly. Use care: detent will break off if deflected too far.

69. Repeat the process on the right (gear) side, gently pushing the tip of the blade to the right slightly, releasing the detent in the right end plate from the door channel. Now remove the Spread System Assembly.

Fig. 54 Removing the Spread System from the Door

To complete the reassembly of the Camera:

67. Replace the Viewfinder on the Cone

68. Replace the Cone into the Body

69. Replace the S1 and S10 Buttons

70. Replace the Release Button

71. Replace the Apron to retain the Release Button

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