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Before performing the troubleshooting procedures presented in this section, you should be thoroughly familiar with the Theory/Sequence portion of this

manual. Quite obviously you must know how the 636 Camera works before you can start to diagnose its problems.

Initial Inspection

The following procedure should be done before you get involved in an operational check of the 636 Camera. Before long, you will find this procedure becomes automatic and you will no longer have to refer to it for step-by-step guidance.

1. Visual

Inspect the camera for obvious faults such as gaps between body parts; and missing, broken, distorted, scratched or otherwise defective parts. Pay particular attention to lens, viewfinder and flash shield components for signs of smudges and foreign matter. Examine the camera for cosmetic defects which are beyond allowable standards.

Look into the lens. The shutter blades should be closed.

Look at the Counter window. With no film in the Camera the window should be blank, indicating that the Counter has reset.

2. Pre-Operational

With the strobe closed, press the S10 button. It should not move, being held out by the interlock tab on the strobe housing.

Erect and then close the strobe. It should move through its entire travel freely with no binding. Also, when the strobe is erected and the camera is tilted forward, the strobe should not fall forward.

Move the lighten/darken control tab from full-light to full-dark and then back to its nominal detent position. It should move freely with no binding during its travel.

Press the front door release button. It should offer some resistance to thumb pressure. At the forward end of its travel, the release button should drop the front door open. Close the front door to be certain it latches properly.

e. Press the S10/S1 buttons through their entire travel. They should move smoothly with no binding.

f. With the front door open, look into the film compartment. Check the following:

- Pack spring and battery contacts are not distorted.

- Taking mirror is not broken, loose or scratched.

- Spread roll bracket assembly components are OK and rollers move freely.

- Spread rollers are clean.

- With pick height gauge #12430 or #12504 (see P.A. SX-70 #291) see that the pick is positioned correctly.

- No foreign material in film cavity.

- Hanger is in proper position.

- Pack pawl leg is in a down position and not distorted.

- Cone filler #550851A is in position or cone has molded fix (See RIB 600AM #6). 3. Functional Test

Perform the following functional test on the 636 camera using film pack simulator #12467 (.3 ohms) and power supply Power Mate #12531 or Lambda #12429.

1. Setup

a. Plug the film pack simulator into the power supply. Be sure the polarity is correct.

b. Plug the power supply into a 110 VAC source.

c. Turn the power supply switch ON.

d. Adjust the output voltage to 6.0 volts.