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LED does not light

NOTE: If strobe does not function, see Strobe Failures.

1. LED shorted at PC board.

1. Correct short.

2. LED not installed properly on PC board.

2. Install LED properly.

3. LED defective.

3. Replace LED/PC board.

4. Flex circuit defective.

4. Replace flex.

5. Strobe PC board


5. Replace strobe.

6. Film battery dead/film pack absent.

6. Insert fresh film pack.

Light leaks in picture

1. Light seal on cone missing.

1. Install cone light seal.

2. Baseblock photographic tape light seal missing.

2. Install photographic tape on baseblock.

3. Mirror cover light seal not positioned properly.

3. Install mirror cover light seal properly.

4. Film pack spring defective.

4. Replace pack spring.

Close-Up Lens Does Not Function Properly

1. Lens return spring missing or out of position.

1. Install spring properly.

2. Shuttle binding in apron guide rails.

2. Install shuttle properly.

3. Close-up lens not riding in apron rails properly.

3. Install lens properly.

4. Return spring tab broken.

4. Replace lens panel.

Additional 600-line Camera Troubleshooting help from Product Alerts and RIBs

NOTE: Many of the problems and fixes described below were temporary solutions, later permanently corrected by design/manufacturing changes. Thus the repair material described below may or may not be present in or applicable to a later version of the camera.

Subject Bulletin # Date

Troubleshooting Update - 600 line cameras 600AM #46 3/36/84 Exposure Flex Photocell movement

Trapped Shuttle in CU lens 600AM #92-35 10/27/92 Continuous cycle from angled film pack

Strobe LEDs: red only; red & green; green only 600AM #83 10/31/87

Hybrid 2-LED Strobe PC Boards 600AM #92-22 3/26/92

Low-cost, one green LED Strobe 600AM #91-17 12/16/91

No strobe charge from dirty S10 contacts 600AM #48 5/2/84

Black/dark pictures from light leaks to photodiode 600AM #93-40 1/18/93

Black pictures from light leak behind strobe 600AM #95-45 7/9/95

Streaked pictures from apron light leaks 600AM #78 8/13/87

Continuous cycling from Contact Support Block 600AM #91-16 12/16/91

Release Button-Door Latch clearance problem 600AM #91-6 5/28/91

Oxidation on flex circuit solder pads 600AM #96 12/11/89




A. Test Specifications for Model 636 Camera 86

B. Graywall Preparation 86

C. Setting Up the Model 12650-2 Star Tester 88

D. Star Tester Controls and Indicators 92

E. Testing the Model 636 Camera: 95

1. Pretest procedures 95

2. Order of Model 636 tests 95

3. Model 636 Test procedures:

a. Flash Timing 96

b. Ambient Exposure 97

c. Strobe Exposure (Graywall) 98

d. ZLS Output 99

F. Camera adjustments (correcting out-of-spec test results):

1. Flash Timing 100

2. Ambient Exposure 101

3. Strobe Exposure 102

G. Calibrating the Model 12650-2 Star Tester 105