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A. Test Specifications for Model 636 Camera

Test: Specification:

Flash Timing 2.0 to 13.0 ms

Ambient Exposure -0.30 to +0.10

Strobe Exposure (Graywall) 0.0 to -0.50

ZLS Output

Charge Time (2nd cycle) Energy Draw (2nd cycle)

260 to 400 ZLS 4 sec. max 12.5 amp sec.

B. Graywall Preparation

1. The target should be constructed of a flat hard board material such as Masonite. It must be a minimum size of 4 ft. x 4 ft. (1.2 m x 1.2 m).

2. Prepare the surface by applying a primer coat of flat white latex paint. The surface must have a uniform white appearance when dry. If necessary, use two coats of flat white latex paint to achieve uniform coverage. Allow 24 hours for the primer to dry.

3. After the primer has dried, apply two coats of special gray paint which has been provided. The two coats must be applied in opposite directions. For example, apply the first coat in an up and down direction and the second coat in a left and right direction. Allow plenty of drying time between the two coats. The amount of drying time is dependent on temperature and humidity.

4. Choose a suitable location for the testing area. The following conditions must be met:

a. The testing area must be located where lighting on the graywall target will remain below 10 candles/square foot. Most room lighting meets this requirement. Avoid areas where outside light shining through a window can strike the target resulting in erroneous strobe exposure readings.

b. Select an area where the graywall target can be secured to a wall which is perfectly flat. The area must be large enough to allow the testing equipment to be placed 4.5 feet (137cm) from the target (see Figure 1). The area must be free of any obstacles between the camera under test and the graywall.

Secure the graywall target to the wall and set up the test equipment as instructed in the setup procedures. The center of the target must be aligned with the taking lens of the camera under test.

Fig. 1 Graywall setup

C. Setting up the Model 12650-2 Star Tester

1. Install the Star Tester on a level surface with sufficient clearance to allow proper air flow for the cooling fan and exhaust vents. Also, the tester work surface should be located so the various fixtures can be located 4.5 feet (137 cm) from a graywall target.

2. Insert a modified strobe fixture #12657B (see inset, Fig. 2) into two openings on the tester (Fig. 2). (For details of this modified fixture, see Product Alert 600AM #92-30, dated 7/ 31/92.) Be certain the fixture is fully seated.

Fig. 2 Installing modified Strobe Fixture 12657B