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3. Erect the electronic flash of the Model 636 and place the camera on the Star Horn #12625.

4. Set the horn with the mounted camera against the tester. Using the leveling legs, raise

or lower the tester so that the electronic flash is aligned with and fits into the adapter window (Figure 3).

Fig. 3 Aligning Camera on Horn with Tester window

Remove the horn with mounted camera from the proximity of the tester. Carefully, tilt the tester and install two risers #12885 under the leveling legs. Tilt the other side of the tester and install two more risers under the two remaining leveling legs (Figure 4).

Fig. 4 Installing Risers under Testers leveling legs

Place horn riser #12884 under the star tester horn (see Fig. 5). Set the horn in the lowered position (Fig. 5).

Horn in lowered position

Fig. 5 Test setup and Horn Riser position for Model 636