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D. Star Tester Controls and Indicators

The Star Tester #12650-2 is used to check exposure and timing related parameters of Polaroid cameras. This section deals exclusively with the 636 Polaroid Camera. The light box and the electronics required to compute and display exposure, timing and functional test measurements are housed in a single chassis (see Fig. 6).

Presented below are the functions of the controls and indicators on the Star Tester. Refer to Figure 6.



Disc Position Lamps Reset Button

Disc/Ride Time Switch Test Selector Switch

Horn Volts Selector Switch

20 Volt/2000 Volt


Volt Probe Jack

Timing Meter

DC Volts Meter

Stops Error Meter

DC Current Meter

Not used

Clears Tester electronics between tests.

Not used for 636

Selects test mode (8 for 600 cameras, 3 for other cameras)

Allows selecting supply voltage of 5V (low), 6V (nom), 6.8 V (high). Simulates film pack battery.

Used in conjunction with volt probe jack (key 7) and DC volt meter (key 9); allows Tester to be used as voltmeter.

Accepts standard probe for checking DC voltages in cameras under test.

Provides digital readout of strobe recycle time and flash timing.

Provides digital readout of circuit voltages. May also be used with probe in Volt Probe jack (key 7).

Provides digital readout of ambient & strobe exposure.

Provides digital readout of input energy (amp/secs) during flash charge in ZLS mode. May also be used to monitor drain in other test modes.


12 ZLS Meter Provides digital readout of flash output.

13 Power Switch ON/OFF switch for Tester line

voltage. Illuminates when ON. Contains circuit breaker.

14 Pack Simulator Jack Provides a connection for Pack

Simulator, allowing Tester to be used as a power supply.

15 Strobe Adapter Aligns electronic flash of camera under test to

Tester. No. 12657B used for 636 Camera

16 Horn Connector Provides the electronic inter- face for the Star

Tester Horn.

Disc Detector Connector

Not used with 636.

18 19

J4 Connector

Test Point Connections

For future applications.

Used for electronic interface with oscilloscope and also Tester calibration.

used for

CAUTION: When the Star Tester is not being used for a length of time, turn the Test Selector knob to 660 FLASH EXP. This prevents unnecessary wear of the light source bulb and keeps the Tester in a neutral state, ready for the immediate resumption of testing.

Fig. 6 Star Tester Controls and Indicators