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Model 636 Strobe Exposure (Graywall)

This test measures the resultant energy on the film plane during a 4.5 ft. (137 cm) graywall exposure.

NOTE: Be certain the L/D control on the Camera is at the mid-point setting.


1. Turn the Selector Knob in the middle of the panel to 640 Flash Exp.

2. Install the camera on the horn with the taking lens 4.5 ft. (137 cm) from a graywall target. (See Figure 7).

3. With the photocell uncovered, press Sl/S10 to take a flash exposure.

4. When the flash fires, record the readout shown on the Stops Error meter. Compare the reading to the specification.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times to insure accurate readings.

6. If the reading is not within specification, refer to the Adjustment section.

Horn must be located so camera taking lens is 4.5 feet (135 cm) from graywall

1. Selector to 640 Flash Exposure.

2. Camera on horn 4.5 ft. (137 cm) from graywall.

3. Cell uncovered, press S1/S10 for flash exposure.

4. Record reading on Stops Error Meter. Compare to spec.

5. Repeat 3 & 4 two more times.

6. If reading out-of-spec, see Adjustments.

Fig. 7 Setup for 636 Graywall Test 98

Model 636 Zonal Lumen Seconds (ZLS) Output This test measures the output of the strobe in a standard integrating sphere located within the Tester. The light output measurement is integrated over the duration of the flash and the measurement is displayed as correlated zonal lumen seconds on a meter on the Tester.

NOTE: This test is not necesssary if Strobe Exposure Test is within spec.


1. Turn the Test Selector Switch located in the middle of the panel to ZLS. (Be sure the closeup lens is not in place.

2. Erect the flash and open the camera door. Install door pawl

closure #12082.

1. Selector to ZLS. (No close-up lens.)

2. Erect flash, open door, install door pawl closure.

3. Install the camera on the Star horn. Align the camera so the flash fits into strobe adapter #12657B on the tester. (To assure repeatable readings, the flash must be fully seated in the adapter and pushed against the left wall with the front of the apron firmly against the light box.

3. Install camera on horn. Align to Tester.

4. Press the Reset Button.

5. Cover the photocell on the camera and press Sl/S10 fully to charge and fire the flash.

6. When the flash fires, observe the reading on the ZLS meter. Record the reading and compare it to the specification. NOTE: In this test,l in addition to ZLS, you can also observe strobe recycle time on the Timing meter and amp/seconds on the DC Current meter.

7. Repeat Steps 4, 5 and 6 two more times to insure accurate readings.

4. Press Reset.

5. Cover photocell, press S1/S10 to fire flash.

6. Record reading on ZLS meter. Also check recycle time and current drain. Compare readings to spec.

7. Repeat 4, 5 & 6 two more times.

8. If ZLS, Recycle Time or Amp Seconds are not within specification, replace the strobe.

8. If readings are out-of-spec, replace strobe.

F. Camera Adjustments (correcting out-of-spec test results)

This section describes adjustments which can be made to correct readings which are out-of-specification on the Star Tester #12650-2.

Refer to the Specification Chart to determine acceptable readings for each of the tests listed below.

! Flash Timing

a. Remove the Front Plate/Lens Panel from the apron (Fig. 8).

b. Using tweezers, grasp the end of the opening blade spring.

c. Move the opening blade spring up in the rack to increase the reading or down in the rack to decrease the reading (Fig. 9).

d. Reassemble and retest the camera. Readjust the opening blade spring if necessary. If the adjustment cannot bring the reading into specification, replace the opening blade spring and repeat step 3.

e. If the reading is still out-of-specification, disassemble the camera to the shutter level. Examine the shutter area for loose or misplaced parts, binding blades, etc. Correct any problems found and reassemble and retest the camera. Readjust the opening blade spring if necessary.

Fig. 8 Removing Front Plate Fig. 9 Adjusting Blade Spring