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3. One of the major differences between the Model 636 and the OneStep is the type of film it uses. Like all of the 600 line, the 636 uses a new film format. The film has a speed of 6O0


4. On the inner edge of the 600 film pack is a set of molded plastic tabs which interface with the pack spring in the camera. The two middle tabs press down the ramps of the pack spring, allowing the film pack to slide over the stop for insertion into the camera. On older style SX-70 packs there are no tabs. As a result, the pack is prevented from being inserted into a 600 line camera by the pack spring stop.

5. On the other hand, a 600 film pack cannot be inserted into an SX-70 style camera since the tabs on the pack are held back by the older style pack springs.

6. The battery in the 600 film pack has a higher capacity than the conventional SX-70 battery. It provides power for the shutter solenoid, the motor and for the built-in electronic flash.

7. When you open the camera, you can see another obvious difference between the Model 636 and the One Step - a built-in electronic flash. The flash is designed to be used for all pictures, both indoors and outdoors.

8. The electronic flash features a rapid charge time of about 5 seconds. For outdoor pictures, the flash is used to provide a proportional fill-flash to eliminate objectionable shadows. Indoors, the flash provides controlled light for scenes within a 4 to 10-foot range.