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Zorkiy repair

Firstly, take the lens off and put it away somewhere, you wont need it for a while! Slacken the two grub-screws on the rim of the shutter dial (photo 2).

Dont remove them, just undo them enough to allow the dial to lift off. This is easier if the shutter is cocked and the speed set to about 1/2 sec. Trip the shutter afterwards though. While youre

Part One - Top Cover Removal

near there, slacken the grub screw on the synchro ring too, setting the ring to X first (photo 2 shows the screw clearly, below the arrowed one).

From the top-plate, remove the two front screws (photo 3), one rear screw (photo 4), one screw from the accessory shoe (photo 5) and 1 screw near the wind-lever (photo 6). These are all different so make sure you know where they belong!

Remove the screw from the middle of the frame counter and remove the counter, together with the star washer underneath. Underneath you will find a disc with two holes. (photo 7)

Remove the camera back and use a large screwdriver in the bottom of the spool to keep it still. Now, whilst holding the screwdriver, undo the disc on top with the needle-nose pliers or circlip (snap-ring) pliers - you need 3 hands for this really! (photo 8)

NOTE: LEFT-HAND THREAD so turn CLOCKWISE. You can take a shortcut here by winding the shutter first then not using the large screwdriver, since the mechanism will hold it. However, this puts quite a strain on various gears and isnt wise unless the drum comes undone without much force. Remove the drum, the film spool will fall out now or can be removed easily.

Under the disc are three screws - DO NOT remove them yet! Look next to the wind lever and you will see a small hole (photo 9) by the three screws.

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