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Wind the lever until this hole passes the screw hole on the top plate and hold it there (photo 9 shows the correct position). The lever will be roughly at 90 degrees to the body at this point. Insert a needle or drill bit into the hole as far as possible but using no force (photos 10 & 11).

Release the wind-lever, it should not return far from its current position. If the lever returns normally, you did not wind far enough before inserting the pin, so go back and try again. You may have to release the shutter first.

Once the pin is correctly in place, undo the three screws holding the drum and lever in place. Lift the drum and lever, carefully, over the pin (photo 12).

Lift the outer end of the wind-lever spring off the post (photos 14 & 15) and lift the spring and bobbin assembly off as one. Take great care not to disturb the pin, if it comes out the spring WILL FLY and it has rather sharp edges! You have been warned! You will also have to wind the spring back onto its bobbin, which is tedious and fiddly (awkward to do). Set the assembly aside where it wont get disturbed.

Make sure the shutter is released, then note the position of the ramps on the ratchet gear underneath, relative to where it meshes (photo 16), then lift the gear off its pivot.

Thats the top cover removed. Next we move on to the bits exposed!

Now lift the top cover off (photo 13). It should not require any force.

Part 2 -- Slow Speed Mechanism

This part covers removing and servicing the slow-speed mechanism and assumes the top cover is off. The mechanism sits over the speed-change mechanism and under the flash-synch switch (photo 17).

The switch is held in place by two screws on diagonal corners. Dont be fooled by the third foot and hole - no screw there! Lift off the flash-synch switch carefully. While its off, clean the contact ring (photo 18) with a fiberglass or fine brass brush if you have one, otherwise leave it alone. Make sure you return it to its former position if you rotate the moving part.

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