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Remove the four lens-mount screws (photo 37) and the mount (photo 38).

Note the shims under the mount (photo 39) and the orientation of the mount. The mount and shims must be replaced EXACTLY as you found them or the lens-register will be incorrect. Remove the two crate retaining screws (photo 40).

Now the body can be removed. First, pry the lower part forwards (photo 41) and separate the body completely (photo 42). Note that there is a light-seal of black string glued around the lower part of the mount area, this tends to stick the two parts together. Break the bond gently and try not to disturb the string. Glue it back or replace it if it comes adrift.

The restrictor gears sit in the lower, front, right-hand corner and can be seen in photos 43 and 44 at the lower left and the next page. To access them properly, along with the roller pivots, remove the crate front as follows: First, undo the four baffle screws (photo 43). The baffles will fall into the crate but they have so little room that replacing the screws later is not difficult. Take care that they do not move and cut into the shutter cloth parts.

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