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Now remove the four crate front screws (photo 44) and the crate front. Carefully recover the baffles, noting how they fitted.

Clean the restrictor gears (photo 45) as needed and lubricate them with silicone grease. The shutter will need to be cocked and fired to rotate these gears - depending on the stage of disassembly you can turn the film sprocket to cock it (turn in film-travel direction!).

Lubricate the spring rollers sparingly, with the camera upside-down (photo 46) using a medium oil. Make sure the oil goes between the moving parts - the thinner part of the roller is fixed. Cameras that make a high-pitched zzzzzzzzzp sound when fired usually do so because these points are dry.

One final point to oil here is the shutter drum shaft. This can be accessed just above the shutter curtain but GREAT CARE is required not to get oil on the curtain or damage it. If in doubt, leave this part. You will need a very fine-tipped precision lubricator or hypodermic to get oil where required. Photos 47 and 48 show the drum without the curtains in place. As can be seen, there is one access blocked by a pin (photo 47), the other is not (photo 48) and can be used. The shutter must be partially cocked to get this in position, and curtain damage is a risk when passing the oiler over its edge. Use very little of a thin oil here.

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