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Photo 49 shows the location of the bottom drum shaft pivot, which should also be lightly oiled. It can be accessed by removing the lower spring cover (photo 50). Note the spacers under the cover,

they are not identical, fit as per the photo. Remove the shutter latch (the silver disc in the photo) after noting its orientation. Be sure the screw holding it is TIGHT when replacing. Lubricate the contact surfaces of the latch with silicone grease.

Thats all folks! No, I didnt cover removing/replacing curtains or re-tensioning them - I didnt need to on this camera and there are web pages covering this aspect already. Reassembly, as in all the best manuals, is the reverse of disassembly - read the sections again to be aware of any noted precautions though.

Comments or corrections are welcomed, as are easier methods for some of the jobs shown!

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