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Questions and answers taken from comments following the original publication of this tutorial:

Maybe a mod could make this sticky please, if you think its appropriate?

I dont have a Zorki 3 (yet) so I cant be sure. However, I believe that the 4 is essentially a 3 with a self-timer and flash-synch hence the 3C is essentially the same, so Id expect them to be very similar. The lever-wind section obviously wouldnt apply to the 3.

varjag from RFf added: I would just add that its useful when one of pliers has copper/brass lips. Sometimes you need to use them on chrome parts, as those will not leave any scratches.

Originally Posted by persefonia: Great instructions. But I had a little accident. The spring under the wind lever has got completely unwoun and fell out. How can I put it back? How can I wind it? Have you any photos of its original position?

Yes thats happened to me too! There are pictures of the spring in its correct position if you look above. You have to wind it back around the bobbin, carefully. Id suggest some thin leather gloves or great care, you will cut your fingers very easily. Once wound around the bobbin, insert the pin as described above. The inner end of the spring hooks around a pin on the bobbin, by the way and the spring winds clockwise onto it (from memory!).

Originally Posted by persefonia: In picture 47 and 48 are supposed to be curtains right? How did you remove them? Can the drum be removed and how? Because I have a little problem with a curtain that is supposed to be wrapped around the drum.

Those pictures show the drum but without the curtains (it was a parts camera) to show the places to lubricate. The curtains came off with some gentle pulling, they arent held very tightly by the glue and they dont need to be. If you have unglued curtains you need to look very carefully to see where they used to be attached. The correct position of the curtain end on the drum is critical if the shutter is to work properly.

Originally Posted by persefonia: Thanks for the spring instruction, I have successfully put it back. Now I just need to know how to remove the drum. It wasnt the curtain that unglued but two tapes (strings) that are supposed to pull curtain forward and backward (attached on the top and the bottom of curtain), so I have to take the whole drum out so I can put tapes back in their position and glue them.

To do this you need to remove the top plate. After removing the flash sync/slow-speed stuff etc. on the top plate, take off the rangefinder. Under it there is a screw to be removed. Next remove another screw near the pillar for the shutter release/rewind collar. I think there are just those two that retain the top plate as long as the body front is removed. Lift it off carefully since several parts will fall out. Note the pin in the shutter mechanism that engages in the shutter drum, it will have to be replaced in the same position. Ditto the restrictor gear on the bottom of the drum.

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